Are you gripped by “March Madness”?


I know that quite a few of my readers are still a little delirious from the Carnival festivities in Trinidad last month! I hope each of you experiences a few moments of the same exhilaration that Carnival creates at some point this month. We all need a little “madness” sometimes.


With Carnival past us, we’re back to grappling with some of the thorny issues that bedevil our societies. One such issue is prison reform which grabbed the headlines in Trinidad last week. In this issue I will highlight MEDIATION AT WORK in the prison system—thought-provoking stuff!


I am also pleased to introduce a new quarterly column–“Guest Check-in”. A few readers had expressed an interest in writing the occasional article for MEND so I decided to take them up on their respective offers. This week, my extern from Pepperdine University, (Yes, I have an extern!), presents a piece on apology as a means of healing the rifts in a society created by partisan politics. I’m looking forward to your comments!

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