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Aug 2012

Little Jugs have Big Ears: The impact on children of conflicts between their parents

  Children are always listening to, watching and modelling their parents’ behaviour–always! You might think that they are absorbed in that television programme or in colouring in their new activity book, but your words and actions are still very much on their radar. It is for this reason that the manner in which parents handle conflict between themselves is so critical.


May 2012

Healing a nation through apology and reconciliation.Part 2

  Having recommended that, as a first step toward healing the divisions caused by partisan politics, Caribbean political leaders should apologize to each other and to the general population for past conduct on the campaign trail, we now examine forgiveness and reconciliation as the next steps in this process.   Portia Simpson-Miller, Prime Minister of Jamaica, referred to Andrew Holness, the political leader of the...

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Mar 2012

Healing a nation through apology and reconciliation.

  In this the first part of a two-part series, the writer will examine how apology can begin the process of healing the  rifts in some of our Caribbean societies caused by partisan politics.   Partisan politics has caused great divides in many of our Caribbean territories. On a daily basis, threats of legal action leveled by One against the Other, talk show propaganda by...

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