A few words from Kathy…


I am very pleased to introduce you to MEND—a monthly mediation publication from JANUS Conflict Management Services!


“Why MEND?”  The answer is, “Because that’s what mediation is capable of—ending conflict and mending relationships.”


In this newsletter, I will be sharing my personal experiences, my thoughts and opinions about various issues, information about new applications for mediation or old applications with new twists and, information about upcoming social and educational events in the mediation world. This will be the one-stop mediation shop for all those who have an interest in mediation in particular, and ADR in general.


I do hope that you will enjoy reading MEND and I look forward to receiving your questions and comments.


Kathy Gonzales, LL.M. (Dispute Resolution)
Certified Mediator & Executive Director
JANUS Conflict Management Services


  1. zenobia campbell-james Says: October 5, 2011 at 5:19 pm

    hey Kathy, i just love your newsletter! congratulations!

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