There are great benefits of using mediation in custody conflicts

There are great benefits of using mediation in custody conflicts

The end of a relationship really sucks. You are hurt and confused and angry. In the midst of all that pain you have to make arrangements for your children. However, you can’t seem to get anywhere when you and your spouse try talking. Sooo frustrating, right?

Here are the top 3 reasons you should try family mediation BEFORE rushing to court to move you forward through any conflict that you and your spouse may be having over issues of custody, access and maintenance.

  1. Saves money. If you resolve your conflict through mediation, you save thousands of dollars in legal fees. The divorce is bad enough. You do not want to go into debt because of it.
  2. Saves time. Resolving your issues using mediation can result in your divorce proceedings being completed in a few short months rather than years.
  3. Reduces stress. Neither you nor your children deserve to suffer through a knock-down-drag-out-win-at-all-costs fight in court. You need to focus on how you can keep moving forward and that is what JANUS does for you.

A mediator helps communication between the couple in conflict. A mediator helps the negotiation process so that the couple stays focused on the best interests of their children and come away with an agreement that promotes those interests. One way in which a mediator keeps you focused on your child(ren) is by telling you what children usually want from their divorcing parents. Check out this HBO video to give you an idea of children’s feelings/expectations about divorce.

If you try mediation to help you resolve your conflict with the you have a lot to gain and nothing to lose. It could be one of the best decision you ever make.

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